Canadian Wire and Cable Company

Sycor Technology is a Canadian wire and cable company that has been operating out of Mississauga, Ontario, since 1981. It manufactures and supplies wire and cable from a 40,000-square-foot facility that is located in that suburb of Toronto to a worldwide clientele. Sycor not only maintains an extensive inventory, but it also regularly creates custom wire and cable to meet its customers’ needs.

Military Wire

One of the fields that has special demands of the wire, cable and related products that it uses is military. As a result, this wire and cable manufacturer has adapted over the years to meet those needs. For example, its mil-spec wires have tremendous electrical characteristics and provide outstanding levels of flame resistance. Sycor also offers PTFE-insulated mil-spec wires for those needing more mobility and strength.

Oil and Gas Cable

Another industry that tends to have significant demands placed on the cable and wire that it uses is the oil and gas industry. These products must withstand tremendously challenging environments, which oftentimes involve extreme cold or heat, exceptional levels of moisture, a high amount of salt corrosion and constant vibration, mechanical stress and drilling mud.

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