Responsive Web Design Is definitely an Investment!

It’s ubiquitous now! The media giants are relying on it. You can now easily access and browse news on BBC news site in your smartphone, tablet or the device you have. In the end, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News includes a responsive website (beta version) now.

This latest action to take the responsive website through the media giant may come as no real surprise! Thinking about the BBC News website receives around 115 million visits, the visitors being able to access the website using their tablets and mobiles keeps growing.

As around the BBC’s official blog, Robin Pembrooke, Mind of Product, BBC News stated, “Online, we are globally reaching more and more people than in the past – we currently see 145 million visitors per month, and within the last month we have also seen our greatest ever weekly achieve of 57 million visitors.”

They of John Cleveley, and lead designer Julian Kirby developed the BBC responsive site that enables users to gain access to the website from the device! Now whether you’ve got a sophisticated smartphone or perhaps a tablet, the very best news in the world can be obtained in the tap of the fingers. This move by BBC News to visit responsive further signifies the growing need for a responsive web design.

Earlier web-site designers had one major challenge to satisfy – to make sure proper functioning and keep the appear and feel from the website across different browsers. However the creation of smartphones and also the users’ liking to gain access to sites on their own cutting-edge mobiles has altered everything.

The task before web-site designers and developers is to produce a site that functions across all screen sizes. That is what make responsive web design even more important!

Responsive web design is about designing and coding an internet site in this manner the site provides optimal consumer experience and simple navigation across varied devices from desktops to smartphones. However there are lots of myths connected with responsive design like the belief that it’s costly.

Responsive web design is definitely an investment

So it requires more money and time to produce a responsive site when compared with a standard site. But then you’re able to escape the necessity to create separate sites for smartphones along with other devices. That ultimately cuts down on the overall expenditure. Getting a responsive web design is definitely an investment which will pay over time.

Great for Search engine optimization

Furthermore responsive website design is essential for internet search engine optimization. Instead of optimizing content for multiple sites, with responsive design you receive a single site that’s simple to update and enhanced for all sorts of devices. The advantages of responsive website for internet search engine optimization are:

• Greater local rankings

• Elevated Conversions

• Lower Bounce Rates

• One URL for those devices that allows Google to index your website

• In addition, Google adores responsive web design

Constitutes a site available to all

It’s a billion dollar proven fact that content is still king. However what’s its use whether it does not achieve your audience who’s quite happy with browsing the internet on cell phones than desktops? Responsive web design causes it to be happen! Regardless of what your audience preference – whether it’s a tablet, iPhone, iPad, smartphone responsive design helps to ensure that web site is available to all!

As lengthy as different devices for browsing the web are available for sale, responsive design come in demand. Responsive web design is not going anywhere soon!

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