Top Tips to Create Interesting Packaging Design

Nobody will find a shoddily wrapped gift or packaged product appealing. In e-commerce world, the packaged box is the first thing consumers see. This is a chance to reveal to them your brand message. The significance of packaging is similar to the product it holds.

Top tips to create interesting packaging design

Personalize the box

Bland brown carton packages look dull and boring. Many consumers share the photos of packaged boxes on social channels. Therefore, look for exclusive packaging designs, which define your brand. Box has to be regarded as product extension. Opt for a design, which resembles your brand and charms the consumers.

Place logo creatively, so that it grabs attention. Select a robust box or customized paper wraps relevant to your niche. Maximize front, sides, and back of the box, so as to add designs within this space making it more personalized.

Pick style and color that reflects your brand

Packaging needs to have color, which induces positive emotion including green, blue, yellow, red, and pink. Select colors that synchs with your product and brand. Visual factors paly a huge role in purchase decision, so opt for custom packaging concept that helps to represent your brand.

Appropriate packaging materials

Majority of online businesses offer global shipping, which is beneficial for business and consumers. Therefore, product has to be packaged conveniently and safely for worldwide delivery. Fragile and delicate items need extra care in packaging.

Different kinds of package cushioning are available to choose from. Within the box use thick paper or bubble wraps to cover the product for safe transport. In case, products don’t need extra protection then use customized or hand-made paper to cover the item.

Package products neatly

Take good effort in arranging product within the box. Products that need to be shipped long distance will need to be tossed around several times in various places. Therefore make sure product arrangement is robust, so that products gets shipped without any damage.

Unique unboxing experience

You can be creative showing more than a brand’s logo.

  • You can add some simple ‘Mantra’, which relates to your brand simplicity and aesthetic. The phrase or slogan needs to show package openers total transparency of what is inside the box or its quality and process.
  • Never neglect the sides. Add brand patterns to make package feel more dynamic.
  • Add some variations to a flotilla of different packing sizes but keep design element cohesive.
  • Add some patterned masking tape or a wax seal or a twine that can escalate your brand level.

Boxes are part of your team and can affect brand experience significantly. Therefore, ensure that they represent your brand as if you were delivering it in person.

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