You should plan to study in the United States as early as possible

Many people want to study in the United States, but it is not so easy. It needs to be planned early and it will have an advantage.

The TOEFL and SAT are indispensable test programs for studying in the United States. It is necessary to apply for a good TOEFL score in a well-known institution in the United States. In addition, the SAT is commonly known as the American College Entrance Examination. Students who want to apply for the TOP50 in the United States generally need students to prepare for the SAT. The test can be held in Hong Kong or Singapore, 6 to 7 times a year. If you want to apply for a top school in TOP50, it is recommended to start preparations during the first year of high school. It is understood that the mathematics of the SAT is very simple for Chinese students, and the critical reading part of the SAT may be a bit difficult for Chinese students. For critical reading, to get a high score, you must master a large number of words, and Grasp the ideas and skills of the person. Therefore, if you decide to apply for an undergraduate degree in a US university, you must prepare at least two years in advance, so that you will be more confident when applying.

In addition to the students’ standardized test scores, American elite schools pay more attention to the students’ soft power background. If you have a plan to study in the US undergraduate/postgraduate program in the early morning, it is recommended to participate in extracurricular activities. Of course, you can participate in some highly funded background improvement projects, which will be more helpful for subsequent applications.

The deadline for each school is different. It is recommended to know the deadline for the school you are applying for in advance, and prepare all materials in time for the school before the deadline. In the process of submitting, you may encounter various problems, such as incomplete materials. In this case, you should check the online application system in time to check for missing vacancies and avoid adversely affecting the application due to insufficient material preparation.

In the United States, we need to pay attention to the issue of legal status at all times. The problem of student status during school is not great, but if you want to stay in the US after graduation, you need to pay attention. Many people want to apply for the eb1, eb2 green card (also known as eb2绿卡), but the green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期) is very long, we can first pay attention to the green card scheduling forecast (also known as 绿卡排期预测), always pay attention to the situation of immigration schedule (also known as 移民排期). You can apply for the h1b visa first, but if you have a h1b job change (also known as h1b跳槽) after you get the visa, you need to grasp the h1b transfer time (also known as h1b transfer时间).

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